My Freeletics 2019 Transformation Journey

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🌴February 13th 2019

And the next one is activated. Week 7. I can feel that my body is adjusting to the exercises. Burpees are a bit easier and more fun. My diet is not wat is supposed to be but I’m trying hard. I do watch what I eat and am aware of the little cheats now and then. I think I’m going for the slower approach, but I will keep going at it. I keep to the no excuses. My workouts are mostly in the attic and when I need to go out for a run most of the time its dark outside because it’s still winter here in The Netherlands and its getting dark around 5pm. Today its Wednesday and I have 3 more workouts to do this week. Enjoy!

Gender: male
Age: 46
Height: 182
Weight: 91,2 kilo

🌴February 4th 2019

Week 6 has started! I have to be honest, I did not kept to a very good diet last week. I had fries, cookies, some pieces of chocolate. So yes, I did not lose any weight last week but I have to deal with it. I feel like reaching a critical motivation point. But I must not give up and be stronger this week.

Gender: male
Age: 46
Height: 182
Weight: 90,8 kilo

Running the 800, 200 en 200 meter Freeletics session in the late evening.



🌴January 28th 2019

Week 5 started! Quick update. You know what’s really great, all the free athletes out there are spreading motivations by giving a ‘clap’ for your workouts in the Freeletics app. This is how you know you’re not the only one struggling, fighting and working hard to reach a personal goal. Today I added the weightticker on this page to keep me reminded that I have to work harder and eat healthier.

Gender: male
Age: 46
Height: 182
Weight: 90,3 kilo

🌴January 23rd 2019

When I don’t have a running exercise in my session I sometimes train in the attic. This is how I felt today in the last moments of the daily session doing 50 crunches. 🤣

🌴January 21st 2019

Another week has gone by. Week 4 is now in progress. I think my body is getting used to the exercises. My diet is going fine, a little cheat here and there but nothing crazy. I even added a 500mtr run yesterday after the day session was completed. How is that for motivation!

Gender: male
Age: 46
Height: 182
Weight: 90,9 kilo

🌴January 15th 2019

What!? I am gaining weight. 91kg yesterday, that’s plus 800 gram compared to last week. Its not all sunshine and happy days. So what’s happening. Week 3 is in progress, it’s the 2nd day. Yesterday was a cardio workout which I felt burned a lot of calories.

The trick is, and in the back of my head I am aware, what-when and how much do I eat. I try to stay away as much as I can from sugars en bad fat. A little candy now and then for the taste don’t hurt nobody right? Wrong, at least that’s my experience. The picture is me with my wife (taking the picture) in the MacDonald’s ONLY having a coffee.

Gender: male
Age: 46
Height: 182
Weight: 91 kilo

🌴January 9th 2019

Where do I find the daily motivation. Well today I had a face to face conversation with Eelco de Boer. He is an entrepreneur and businessman who shares his experiences with the public through all available social media channels where he learned me a lesson or two.

Why do I mention this? Well after listening to his podcasts where he mentioned that he wakes up every morning at 7am to go out for a run it got my attention. Because if you don’t’ have ‘skipping day’s’ included in your daily training routine, you can’t skip. No concessions, no choices, you just got to hit it 7 days a week. Respect for Eelco de Boer on his part.

My Freeletics coach setup me up for 4 sessions per week. For me that’s a lot because it’s very intensive, but I’ll stick to it. I thought maybe I can change it to 7 days per week but felt that it would be to much and sets me up for failure.

Week 2 is in progress. Did I mentioned that I dropped 2,8 kilograms already?



🌴January 7th 2019

Freeletics week 2 has started. Today its Monday and I completed the first session this week. Before I started I checked if I needed to run or make some distances. That was not the case, so lucky for me I have some space in the attic of our house. I didn’t had the space I wanted cause a lot of laundry was in my way, but it worked out ok.

Here are the statistics:

Gender: male
Age: 46
Height: 182
Weight: 90,2 kilo

🌴January 6st 2019


I finished the week! Although it’s the first week I’m still proud of myself, and hey you got to have these little celebrations right?

My initial setup is to have 4 sessions per week. So today was my final day to finish the last session. It’s a rainy day today but the Freeletics slogans says ‘No Excuses!’, so I went out.

It was a legwork session, squats and running most of the time. Hence the picture.

So how did my diet go this week? It was a little hard and getting used to. I cut down on the junk food, candy and overeating when I don’t have to eat. I stopped eating when I’m not hungry. I think I’m feeling a little better and I hope these steps things can make a difference in loosing (belly) fat.

Tomorrow its Monday. The coach will setup a new schedule and session routine for me so I can from there. Talk you later!

🌴January 2nd 2019

🌴January 1st 2019

I started. The old basketballcourt was my spot. The coach wants to measure my fitness level this week and gave me an endurance exercise. It was pretty up tempo but i finished it. Out of breath and sweating and fulfilled.

🌴december 31st 2018

Freeletics_TheNetherlandsHey there, thanks for stopping by! Its December 31st 2018, and today is the day for a big change. I’m a man, 46 years old, married to a sweet beautiful wife and have 2 lovely kids. And i am done with it. Not with the mentioned before, but with myself.

I’m always complaining about my physical appearance and my weight. In the meantime i kept on snacking, junking food into my mouth, to much sugar everywhere, and grabbing the occasional cigarette.

I have a job where i work a lot from the office and don’t get a lot of exercise during the day. Oh i went to the gym allright, because its openings hours are 24/7 so no excuses there. Cardio and weight training 2 times a week is what i could handle. But all that hard work didn’t gave the result that i wanted. I was not happy, on the contrary..

Here is the changing part. I committed to Freeletics to go all in! Freeletics is physically hard, intensive and mind wrecking at the sametime. Thats why i love it and is exactly what i need! My intensions are to keep this blog up to date with all my Freeletics experiences in good and bad times. I bought new sneakers and a workout mat for the outdoor activities. Lets go!

Here is my ‘before’ video:

Ok, i will be honest. I do not dare to show you the complete video yet, because i don’t have a ‘after’ video for comparison as you can imagine. It will be posted, but not at this point. If you want you can leave me a message.

For now here are my statistics:

Gender: male
Age: 46
Height: 182
Weight: 93 kilo

Talk to you soon!